The world has a serious plastic problem.

People like straws.

Eight out of 10 people “support businesses choosing only to provide biodegradable straws,” according to a 2018 Ipsos BuzzFeed poll. What’s more, restaurants like straws too as they encourage customers to drink faster and consume more overall. Cheers!

But public opinion has turned against plastic.

The most astounding thing about the anti-plastic movement is just how fast it has grown. As recently as three years ago, plastic was just one of those problems that everyone agreed was bad, but which few people considered doing much about.

Plastic pollution is out of control.

“Waste from single-use items, such as cups and take-out containers, make up about 50% of all items collected in public waste bins and are a significant portion of the litter found on Vancouver Streets.” In 2020 Vancouver will join a growing list of cities banning plastic straws.

…and the Earth can not digest it.

It takes hundreds of years for plastic to break down into its constituent components, meaning every piece of plastic ever produced still exists. What’s more, less than 10% of all plastic is recycled. Eventually, much of it winds up in the ocean.

Rice Straw Technologies has the solution.

Our products are made from rice and tapioca and are 100% biodegradable.

Drinking Straws

Grocery Bags

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*coming soon


more to come!

While other bioplastic products say they are compostable, in reality they require industrial conditions of 58oC and high humidity for six months to break down…

Rice Straw products will biodegrade in any compost in about 90 days.

“Ocean plastic is not as complicated as climate change. There are no ocean trash deniers… To do something about it, we don’t have to remake our planet’s entire energy system.”

“We have entered a phase where every brand, organization and politician strains to be seen to be doing something.”

Doing the right thing is rarely this easy.