Distributor for North and South America except for Panama
Team RST was founded by four individuals

Rice straw technology was invented, August 2018
Rice Straw Technologies was founded, January 2019

Rice straw technology was invented in Korea
Currently has three manufacturing locations; Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam
RST is based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

According to the UN, a total of 149.7 million tonnes of rice is wasted a year emitting greenhouse gas emissions that are harmful to the environment. Our R&D team uses as much wasted rice retrieved from the fields for all product development.

RST products consists of:
0% PLA (plant-based plastic) – 100% plastic free
50% rice & 50% tapioca – Majority harvested from wasted rice
No extra additives – 100% natural
Biodegradable – Breaks down in an average of 100 days, better than compostable alternatives
Sustainable – Natural food source for all living organisms to continue its life cycle
Affordable – Competitive pricing compared to other alternatives
Edible – Can be cooked and eaten as rice noodles
Cold water: Maintains shape for 4-6 hours
Hot water: Maintains shape for 2-3 hours

RST will be your one stop shop to reduce your overall plastic footprint. RST is the biodegradable and sustainable solution for single-use plastics.

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