• Distributor for North and Central America
  • Team RST was founded by four individuals
    • JK Park: Chief Executive Officer –
    • Daniel Shum: Chief Operating Officer –
    • Steven Lum: Chief Operating Administrative Officer –
    • Sammy Leung: Chief Production Officer –


  • Rice straw technology was invented, August 2018
  • Rice Straw Technologies was founded, January 2019


  • Rice straw technology was invented in Korea
  • Currently has four manufacturing locations; Korea, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam
  • RST is based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


  • According to the UN, a total of 149.7 million tonnes of rice is wasted a year which emits greenhouse gas emissions that is harmful to the environment
  • Our R&D team uses as much wasted rice (surplus) retrieved from the fields for all product development


  • RST products consists of:
    • 0% PLA (plant-based plastic) – 100% plastic free
    • 50% rice & 50% tapioca – Majority harvested from wasted rice
    • No extra additives – 100% natural
    • Biodegradable – Breaks down in an average of 90 days, better than compostable alternatives
    • Sustainable – Natural food source for all living organisms to continue its life cycle
    • Affordable – Competitive pricing compared to other alternatives
    • Edible – Can be cooked and eaten as rice noodle


  • RST will be your one stop shop
    • To reduce your overall plastic footprint
  • RST has an alternative solution for single-use plastic items to pursue a zero-waste future
  • RST will enable the Earth to continue supporting life